TURTLE GLOVES - for people who do stuff -

If your passion is fashion, fitness, sports or just staying warm, we have Turtle Gloves for you.
For work or play and every day.



Fitness and Wellness

Turtle-Flip Mittens are perfect for running, outdoor fitness and Winter activities. Available in technical, breathable fabrics in various weights for every season. Selections include features such as wicking, breathable, windproof and water-repellent.

Reversible Fingerless Gloves Category includes styles with water repellent and non-slip features for biking, rowing or cross-country skiing. Cozy fleece styles are a great solution for indoor warmth and therapeutic comfort for various hand ailments.



For Women, Men and Children

Turtle-Flip Mittens Category offers the Patented Turtle-Flip Mitten functionality with a fashion flair for women, practicality for men and fun  selections for children.

Reversible Fingerless Gloves Category offers Fingerless Gloves that are truly REVERSIBLE like 2-GLOVES-IN-ONE and more. Switch hands for a different look or turn completely inside out for another ‘pair’. Many styles are more like 4-GLOVES-IN-ONE and can be worn in about a dozen different ways. How fun is that? Large space to insert heat packs.




Sports and Lifestyle

Turtle-Flip Mittens can help you stay active outdoors during the colder months. From dog walking to snow boarding, keep your fingers warm but easily accessible.

Reversible Fingerless Gloves Wear alone when you need your fingers for dexterity. Category includes styles with water-repellent fabric to reduce the impact of weather and non-slip features for palm grip. Add liner gloves or task-specific gloves, such as golf gloves or sailing gloves. Slide to wrist when needed. Large space to insert heat packs.


Turtle Gloves Turtle-Flip Running Mittens Winter Trail
Turtle Gloves REVERSIBLE Fingerless Gloves Coffee and Espresso
Turtle Gloves Fingerless Gloves Football


April -

"...I have extremely cold sensitive hands and have circulation issues running bare handed in the low 50s. I highly recommend these for running and their customer service is top notch."

Vicki –

“These are amazing. My Mom got me a pair for my birthday & I absolutely love them. So, then I bought my running buddy a pair for her birthday & she can’t quit talking about them.”

Brittany –

“I really love the gloves and am excited to order a new pair. I will go ahead and order them tonight after work. Your company gets an A++++ rating in my book!"

John –

“Just wanted to say that your fitness gloves are fantastic! We live in the Colorado highlands and it’s both cold and windy here, but your gloves do the trick for running even in the middle of Winter! I love the way I can swap them around depending on how cold it is; I can open the fingers instead of taking them off. Great Product!”