We are American Makers of Innovative and Patented Fingerless Gloves, Mittens, Apparel and Accessories. We help people stay active with these designs and other innovative products for Fitness, Fashion, and Sports.

Curiously Engineered, TURTLE GLOVES were born in Michigan out of necessity, with a sense of fun. Turtle Gloves are ready to move with every change in the weather.

While they share numerous functionalities, two very different designs of TURTLE GLOVES each have their own U.S. Utility Patent; We invite you to visit our page to LEARN MORE.

We strive to provide only quality products to our customers. Most products are 98-100% Made in U.S.A., thoughtfully designed and professionally crafted by American workers. Materials are chosen carefully and obtained domestically when possible. We take great pride in the products we offer and our commitment to honest, friendly customer service.

We welcome feedback, positive or negative, in order to improve our products and advance the Turtle Gloves brand. You can help us do this by spreading the Turtle word, connecting on social outlets and sharing how you use your Turtle Gloves!

Turtle Gloves are for people who do stuff!