TURTLe-FLIP Running Mittens WATCH OUT, Midweight WINTER SOFT



Running Mittens Watch Opening Midweight WINTER SOFT with Watch Gusset

LIMITED EDITION COLORS – Backorders will normally ship in 5 to 10 business days or check back soon for stock updates. Note: Some colors have 2-tone color accents or shades that may vary slightly from photos.

TURTLE GLOVES® RUNNING MITTENS with TURTLe-FLIP® Patented Functionality and Watch Gusset

Running Mittens Watch Opening Midweight Convertible Mittens, easy to use on the run! Perfect for outdoor fitness, sports and other activities.

Yes, the Watch Gusset was part of our Original Patent. Since most Turtle-Flip Running Mittens are made with a long wrist, they need to be folded if continuous watch viewing is desired. The Watch Gusset opening allows for convenient viewing or covering the watch when needed.

Watch slot location – Order LEFT Outside Wrist or RIGHT Outside Wrist. If you wear watch on inside wrist, order opposite wrist selection. Some colors are available for BOTH WRISTS.

Because Turtle-Flip Mittens are interchangeable, made to be worn on left or right hand, the wearer decides their favorite flipping direction, either flipping the mitten open so the thumb piece naturally folds into place on the back of the hand or on the palm when worn on the other hand.

Rather than restrict this choice, we place the watch gusset opening in opposite locations on a pair and they are available for LEFT WRIST or RIGHT WRIST wear, with outside wrist wear assumed. For example, if LEFT WRIST is selected, the watch will end up on left outside wrist regardless of which glove in the pair is worn on the left hand, presuming outside wrist is method of preference. If inside wrist is preferred, simply select the opposite wrist model. If ordering BOTH WRISTS, the Watch Openings are on both outside wrists or both inside wrists when switching hands.

Where do you wear your watch?
With most people being ‘right hand’ dominate, this normally results in wearing a watch on the left hand for a number of reasons. However, many ‘left handers’ still wear a watch on left wrist and some ‘right handers’ wear on right wrist. We also find many runners and hikers wear a watch or GPS device on both wrists.

People with only one hand are clever to flip with their teeth or tools (we have seen impressive examples of this capability) or with support from others. They can choose the mitten with the easiest flipping direction and then have a spare that would flip in the opposite direction. We also have a LONE TURTLE program, by request, for people that only need one mitten or have lost one. Send a message on the CONTACT US Page for instructions.

WINTER SOFT Midweight Running Mittens are Wicking, Breathable, Fast-Drying, Soft inside and out, Very stretchy. Most colors are made with Polartec® Power Stretch Pro® 

WINTER SOFT Sizes (Y, XS, S, M/L, XL): Most WOMEN wear SMALL, Most MEN wear MEDIUM/LARGE, XL=MEN’S XXL, XS for women or teens with narrow hands but longer fingers. Y youth about 8-12 years or women with petite hands and fingers.

TURTLE GLOVES Family of Temperature Rated Convertible Mittens

SPRING/FALL – Lightweight perfect for running, driving, indoor work, warehouse, computer etc. (Recommended to freezing, tested as low as 20F by runners.)
WINTER (SOFT or TRAIL) – Midweight recommended for everyday use and for running below freezing temperatures. (Recommended to about 25F, tested as low as 15F by runners.)
WEATHER PROTECT HEAVYWEIGHT – Very warm, Windproof, Water Repellent, Breathable, thick fabric. (Recommended to about 10F, tested as low as -10F by runners.)
WEATHER PROTECT LIGHTWEIGHT – Warm, Windproof, Water Repellent, Breathable, thin fabric. (Recommended to about 20F, tested as low as 10F by runners.)


Wear on left or right hand – Low-bulk flip-over design – No buttons, magnets or hook & loop – No cumbersome mitten piece to get in the way – Thumb piece naturally folds into place in Fingerless Gloves mode – Simply curl fingers and flip elastic trim piece over all fingers and thumb together – Fold out or inside to adjust length of finger exposure – From fingerless mode; tuck in thumb and slide to wrist, pull up full length for arm warmer or fold twice neatly into cuff or roll as desired – From Fingerless Gloves mode, use similar flipping method to turn back into mittens

Made in U.S.A. Most models with Polartec® Power Stretch Pro® American-made Technical Fabric; 53% Polyester, 38% Nylon 9% Spandex
Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low or Hang Dry.
Do not Bleach. Do not Dry Clean. Do not use Fabric Softener.

Polartec® and Power Stretch Pro® are registered Trademarks of Polartec LLC.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 0.5 in

Black Grid w/ Blue Watch Gusset RIGHT, Black w/ Watch Gusset, Black w/ Watch Gusset LEFT, Black w/ Watch Gusset RIGHT, Gray w/ Grid Watch Gusset Blue Trim LEFT, Gray w/ Grid Watch Gusset Blue Trim RIGHT, Gray/Orange LEFT Watch Gusset, Gray/Orange RIGHT Watch Gusset, Orange/Gray LEFT Watch Gusset, Orange/Gray RIGHT Watch Gusset, Black Grid w/ Blue Watch Gusset, Black w/ Orange Trim, Blue Sky, Gray BOTH Watch Gusset, Gray BOTH WRIST Watch Gusset, Gray LEFT Watch Gusset, Gray RIGHT Watch Gusset, Grey Grid w/ Lime Trim, Lime Grid, Pink BOTH Wrist Watch Gusset, Pink LEFT Watch Gusset, Pink RIGHT Watch Gusset, Black Grid, Grey Grid w/ Pink Trim, Black w/ Yellow Trim, Black w/ Pink Trim, Black w/ Blue Trim


Y, XS, S, M/L, XL

Most Turtle-Flip Mittens cover a wide range of hand sizes.

Lightweight & Midweight (Y  XS  S  M/L  XL);

Y Youth - Youth about 8-12 years, women with petite hands and fingers
XS  Extra Small - Women or teens with narrow hands but longer fingers
S  Small - Most women wear Small
M/L  Medium/Large - Most Men wear M/L
XL  Extra Large - for very large hands

Heavyweight 'Weather Protect' (XS  S  M  L);
XS  Extra Small - Adult XS, women with narrow hands, teens
S  Small - Most women wear Small
M  Medium - Women with larger hands, Men with smaller or average hands
L  Large - Most Men wear L

Fleece Mittens ‘Winter Cozy Colors and Prints’ (Y  S  M  L);

Y Youth - Youth about 8-12 years, women with petite hands and fingers
S  Small - Most women wear Small
M  Medium - Women with larger hands, Men with smaller hands
L  Large - Most Men wear L


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