TURTLe-FLIP Mittens, WEATHER PROTECT ‘Aqua-Flip’ Mittens Water Repellent




Warm Convertible Mittens TURTLE GLOVES® MITTENS with TURTLe-FLIP® Patented Functionality; WEATHER PROTECT MIDWEIGHT ‘Aqua-Flip’ Mittens

Warm Convertible Mittens that will amaze you. Convertible Mittens, Warm Mittens for multi-sport. Perfect for outdoor fitness, sports and other activities.
ALL-IN-ONE: Convertible Mittens – Fingerless Gloves – Wrist Band – Layer

WEATHER PROTECT AQUA-FLIP Mittens made with Warm, Windproof, Water repellent fabric that will shed water and makes these gloves nearly waterproof.

WEATHER PROTECT AQUA-FLIP Mittens are perfect for cold hands, extreme cold Winter running, outdoor sports and activities such as dog walking, X-C skiing, ice-fishing or just shoveling snow. Easy access to fingers when needed. For heavy or non-stretch fabrics, slide mitten slightly off fingers and lightly curl fingers inside mitten before flipping elastic trim edge over all fingers and thumb, push and pull mitten as needed to expose fingers. Similar method to flip back into the mitten.

WEATHER PROTECT Sizes (XS, S, M, L): Most WOMEN wear SMALL or MEDIUM, Most MEN wear MEDIUM or LARGE, XS for women with narrow hands

SPRING/FALL – Lightweight perfect for running, driving, indoor work, warehouse, computer etc. (Recommended to freezing, tested as low as 20F by runners.)
WINTER (SOFT or TRAIL) – Midweight recommended for everyday use and for running below freezing temperatures. (Recommended to about 25F, tested as low as 15F by runners.)
WEATHER PROTECT HEAVYWEIGHT – Very warm, Windproof, Water Repellent, thick dual-layer fabric with Windproof core. (Recommended to about 10F, tested as low as -10F by runners.)
WEATHER PROTECT MIDWEIGHT – Warm, Windproof, Water Repellent, thinner fabric than ‘Heavyweight’. (Recommended to about 20F, tested as low as 10F by runners.)

Wear on left or right hand – Low-bulk flip-over design – No buttons, magnets or hook & loop – No cumbersome mitten piece to get in the way – Thumb piece naturally folds into place in Fingerless Gloves mode – For HEAVY FABRICS, pull mitten slightly off fingers and lightly curl fingers inside mitten before flipping elastic trim piece over all fingers and thumb together – Fold over or under to adjust length of finger exposure – From Fingerless Gloves mode; tuck in thumb and slide to wrist when needed – From Fingerless Gloves mode, use similar flipping method to turn back into mittens

Made in U.S.A. with U.S.A. or Imported Fabrics; 100% Polyester
Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low or Hang Dry.
Do not Bleach. Do not Dry Clean. Do not use Fabric Softener.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Currently, only AQUA/BLACK selection is considered HEAVYWEIGHT warmth and is made with Polartec® WindBloc®

Other fabrics have similar properties but are considered MIDWEIGHT warmth.

Polartec® and WindBloc® are registered Trademarks of Polartec LLC.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 0.5 in

Blue/Black, Gray/Black, Light Gray/Black, Lime/Light Gray, Olive/Black, Aqua, Aqua/Black, Black/Charcoal


XS, S, M, L

Most Turtle-Flip Mittens cover a wide range of hand sizes.

Lightweight & Midweight (Y XS  S  M/L  XL);

Y Youth - Youth about 8-12 years, women with petite hands and fingers
XS  Extra Small - Women or teens with narrow hands but longer fingers
S  Small - Most women wear Small
M/L  Medium/Large - Most Men wear M/L
XL  Extra Large - for very large hands

Heavyweight 'Weather Protect' (XS  S  M  L);
XS  Extra Small - Adult XS, women with narrow hands, teens
S  Small - Most women wear Small
M  Medium - Women with larger hands, Men with smaller or average hands
L  Large - Most Men wear L

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